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  • Locations: Vienna, Austria
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Program Sponsor: BCA Study Abroad 
  • Restrictions: None
Fact Sheet:
Area of study: Communications, Finance, German, History, Independent Study, International Business, Journalism, Management, Marketing, Mass Communications, Media Studies, Photography Language of instruction: English, German
Housing options: Dorm Minimum GPA: 2.6
Class eligibility: Junior, Senior, Sophomore Number of credits: 12-16
Director of Programs: Stephen Burwood Independent study: Yes
Program Description:

About Vienna
Situated on the Danube River and just to the north of the Balkan Peninsula, Vienna is Southeast Europe's melting pot, Europe's gateway between North and South, East and West.  Especially during the late 19th century and well into the 20th century, Vienna was the stage for major intellectual developments and political events, including the founding of psychoanalysis by neurologist Dr. Sigmund Freud. What remains of this cultural peak period – known as the Fin de siècle Vienna or the Wiener Moderne – has, to some extent, become definitive for Vienna itself:  the coffee house culture, the countless theaters, world class museums (not only for art) and operas, and some of Europe's finest architecture, particularly in Vienna's first district.

Aside from German language studies, BCA Vienna students enroll in all English-taught courses at FH Wien. Their curriculum is catered to the requirements of each profession and value is placed on your acquired knowledge and skills, rather than the content itself, giving you a professional education to pave the way to your future career. You will find their programs flexible and future-oriented with classes designed to prepare you for the international job market. The school also boasts 907 instructors, 50% of which come directly from the business world. This, along with a central urban location, allows for practice-oriented education within Vienna.

For German language courses at the FH Wien, courses are practice-driven to enhance language comprehension. The school adheres to the Common European Framework of Reference and preparation for international language exams is integrated into the curriculum. Your courses will also immerse you in the Austrian culture covering such subjects as geography, history, politics, business, literature, and more.

All BCA Vienna students take the following courses:

HIS 205: Crossroads of Europe (3 credits)
The HIS 205 course serves our students as the primary source for gaining historical and cultural orientation in Vienna.  This course is a survey course covering the history of Vienna from Roman times to its present day role in the European Union.  

There is no German proficiency requirement to enroll in the BCA Vienna program, and students of all proficiency levels will enroll for German language instruction at FH Wien.  Students with some prior knowledge of German will take a language placement exam upon acceptance to the program to determine the appropriate level of language course.  

PHT 160: Photography 160 (3 credits)

Going beyond a standard introductory level photography course, BCA's photography course features both an experiential learning process - drawing from Aristotle the importance of learning by doing - and traditional learning in the sense that it includes technical and historical information about photography and accomplished photographers.  Though the bulk of the course is digital, students are encouraged to venture into film photography and they receive individual coaching on shooting, developing and scanning film.  Finally, the course will repeatedly encourage and ask students to explore the philosophical purpose of photography (Why am I creating this photograph? What makes one photograph good or successful and another photo not good or unsuccessful?  Is photography art?  At what point is a photographer an artist?)

FH Wien Areas of Study (In English):

  • Intercultural Skills
  • Communication and Organizational Culture
  • Intercultural Communication
  • PR and Public Affairs
  • Social Media in Global Corporate Strategic
Journalism & Media Management
  • Media Ethics
  • Financial English
  • Issues and Trends in Anglo-American Journalism 1 
  • (Broadcasting/Digital Media)
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Event Management
  • Media Strategy and Planning
  • Public Relations, Crisis Management and Media Training
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Decision
  • International Accounting
  • International Financial Management
  • Investment and Finance
General Management
  • Foreign Trade
  • Business Strategy–Tools, Concepts, Viewpoints
  • Change Management
  • Internationalization Strategies
  • The Globalizing World of the Multi-National Companies
Marketing and Sales
  • Global Marketing 
  • Brand Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Change Management
  • Sales Management and Organizational Ethics
  • Customer Relationship Management

Student Life
Vienna is the home of almost two million people. Austrians and students from around the world attend one of over a dozen universities or international schools in the city. It comes as no surprise then that Vienna offers many opportunities--countless shops, restaurants, and cafés dot Vienna’s city streets, creating a multitude of meeting places for students and Vienna’s citizens alike.  Students can stroll through museums at discounted rates, attend world-renowned music and opera theaters, and examine Vienna’s impressive architecture on practically every street. People interested in world affairs will find that Vienna is a hub for international organizations, including the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations, Amnesty International, and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.  Exploring beyond Vienna is easy as the city's excellent transportation system can easily deliver you to other parts of Austria, bordering countries, or to one of Vienna’s parks or gardens.

BCA students have the opportunity to live with local students in dormitories that offer the typical ammenities and Internet access and laundry facilities. Students usually prepare their own meals, especially in the evening.

As part of the Vienna program, students travel to Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, and to Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital city.